ADA staking method (delegation method): Yoroi

The Yoroi Wallet is a light client wallet exclusively for the ADA.
Unlike Daedalus' full notes, Yoroi runs as a Chrome or Firefox extension and connects to the full Cardano node through a third party (Emurgo). Yoloi is therefore instantly configurable and can be operated quickly and easily with minimal system resources.
Yoloi wallet is available for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as iOS and Android.
Below are the steps to staking from the YOLOI Wallet into your staking pool (ADEN).

1. show Chrome extensions

Click on the three-pointed arrow in the top right corner of Chrome, then click on "More Tools", then "Extensions".

2. display the menu bar of the extension

Click on the menu bar at the top left of the extension screen

3. open the Chrome Web Store

Click on "Open Chrome Web Store".

4. search for Yoroi Wallet

Type "Yoroi" in the search window at the top left, search for Yoroi Wallet and click

5. add to Chrome

Click on 'Add to Chrome'.

6. Confirmation of the addition of "Yoroi

When the message "Do you want to add 'Yoroi'? appears, click on "Add extension".

7. complete the addition of Yoroi to Chrome

When you see "Yoroi" has been added to Chrome, you've done it!

8. pin extensions to the Chrome toolbar

Select Yoroi from the list of extensions and fix the extension with 📌.

9. launch the Yolo Wallet

Click on the Yoroi icon in the toolbar to launch Yoroi Wallet

10. select language for YOLO Wallet

Select Japanese as your language of choice and click 'Next'.

11. check terms and conditions

Review the Terms of Use, tick "I agree to the Terms of Use" and click "Next".

12. select display level

In the level of detail of the display information, select either "simple display" or "detailed display" (in this case, select "simple display")



14. confirmation of Yoroi's permission

When you see the pop-up 'Yoroi is asking for the following permission', press 'Allow' and click 'Finish'.

15. complete the initial setup of Yoroi

This completes the initial setup of the Yoloi.
The next step is to create a wallet on Yoloi.

16. create a new wallet

Click on "Create Wallet".

17. currency selection

Select your currency or platform and click on 'Cardano'.

18. create a wallet

Click on "Create Wallet".

19. set wallet name and password

Enter a name for your wallet (you can change it later), set a password to use when sending money or delegating stake pools, and click 'Create Wallet'.

20. check the notes on the restore phrase

Read carefully the instructions on how to handle the Restore Phrase that corresponds to your private key and check the box "Do not let others see your screen. and click "Next".

21. restore phrase confirmation

Once you have written down your 15-word wallet recovery phrase so that no one can see it, click "Yes. I have written it down".
Please keep your Restore Phrase in a safe place to prevent it from being leaked or lost.

22. enter the restore phrase

Tap the 15 restored phrases you have just written down in the correct order to check that you have written them down correctly

23. check the notes on the restore phrase

If you have entered the information correctly, you will see a screen like this, read the notes carefully, tick the box and click "Confirm".

24. complete the creation of your wallet

Your wallet has been successfully created.


In order to staking Cardano, you need to deposit your ADA holdings into your wallet.
Click on the "Receive" tab and copy your deposit address to transfer ADA from an exchange or other wallet.
Click on the "Copy to clipboard" button to the right of the address to copy the address to your clipboard and paste it into the address you wish to send the money to (the address you wish to withdraw from).
Please make sure you copy the address to avoid typos.

26. transfer ADA from Binance to Yolo Wallet

Copy the deposit address of the YOLO wallet copied in step 25. to the ADA withdrawal address in Binance, specify the amount to be transferred and click "Withdrawal".

27. withdrawal confirmation

Click on "Next

28. security verification

Enter your email verification code and phone verification code and click "Submit".

29. remittance completed

Click on "Finish".

30. payment confirmation

Once the transfer is complete, check to see if the money has been credited to your Yolo Wallet

31. delegate to stakeholder pools

Once you have deposited your ADA into your wallet, it is time to delegate to a staking pool and start staking. Click on the "Delegation List" tab to find the pool you wish to delegate to.

32. search the stake pool

Enter the stake pool ADEN ticker "ADEN" in the search window to find "[ADEN] Cardano ADEN Stake Pool" and click on "DELEGATE".

33. delegate

Confirm the fee (including deposit) to record the delegation information in the blockchain, enter the remittance password you set when you created your wallet (the password you set in step 19) and click "Delegate".
Please note that there is a 2 ADA transaction fee for staking as a deposit to the protocol. If you cancel the delegation to the pool, the 2ADA deposit will be returned to your wallet.

34. delegation completed

You have now completed your delegation. Congratulations!
Click on "Dashboard page

35. check delegation settings on dashboard

Check that the delegation settings have been made on the dashboard page. Staking will become active two epochs after you have selected it. The actual process from delegation to payment of the reward is as follows
Example: Epoch 267 (delegation selected)
→Epoch 268 (take a snapshot of the delegation status)
→Epoch 269 (the delegation becomes active)
→Epoch 270 (calculation of the reward)
→Epoch 271 (payment of the reward)